A visit of M. Skuodis in Šiauliai FEZ

Marius Skuodis, Vice-Minister of the Economy and Innovation, visited Šiauliai last week. Artūras Visockas (Mayor of Šiauliai), Artūras Klangauskas (CEO of the Šiauliai FEZ) and Vytis Lembutis (President of the Šiauliai Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts) discussed ongoing projects in the region and at the Šiauliai Free Economic Zone, progress in updating Šiauliai International Airport infrastructure and opportunities for further growth.

In 2020, the Šiauliai City Municipality has worked hard to expand Šiauliai International Airport as an especially important strategic site for the entire region. At present, intensive work is proceeding on renovating taxiways and aprons. AB Panevėžio keliai has a contract to renovate a 4-hectare apron area, reconstruct a taxiway, and install a signal-beacon system and water supply and sewage systems by the end of 2020. According to a municipal press release, the city of Šiauliai has allocated almost EUR 5 million from its budget for renewing airport infrastructure.

Convenient and attractive infrastructure at Šiauliai International Airport is an especially important factor not only for cargo companies, but also for potential foreign investors choosing a location for construction of factories and offices. Šiauliai City Municipality cooperates closely with the management of the Šiauliai Free Economic Zone and seeks to strengthen the regions attractiveness to investors. It is also important to mention the project for new railway tracks to the FEZ as an additional improvement of infrastructure in the region, due to which the competitiveness of the Šiauliai FEZ can only increase in the near future.

At present, 1 foreign-capital company (Plus Windows) and 2 Lithuanian-capital companies (UAB Medicinos linija and UAB Reklamos diktatorius) are already operating at the Šiauliai FEZ. The German automotive tail-lift manufacturer Bär Cargolift” is starting construction, and expects to begin operations in the first quarter of 2021.

Summarising the situation, Šiauliai FEZ CEO Artūras Klangauskas says, We are working to build as practical an infrastructure as possible for potential investors. Its a real pleasure to see government representatives notice and appreciate that. I believe that it is possible to achieve meaningful results only when national and municipal institutions and the business community work together. In our case, smooth cooperation has produced clearly visible results for development of the Šiauliai regions economy.